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Nectar Points™ Loyalty Program

Nectar Points - What Are They?

Nectar Points and Nectar Rewards Nectar points are given by a fantastic rewards scheme that offers amazing rewards for every single pound you spend at select retailers. The Nectar points reward scheme is unique among the world of rewards simply because it gives you so much in so many places.

Unlike many other programs that are limited to a single store or it's partners, the Nectar Points scheme gives you rewards for shopping with services as far ranging as the AA to Sainsbury's .. merchants participating in Nectar loyalty program

Your Nectar Points accumulate as you shop, so you are in fact earning points for doing your normal shopping, exactly the same as you do every other day. Once you have collected enough points you can spend them on a huge range of fantastic gifts, trips and experiences!

Mobile 2 Points When you first get your Nectar Card collecting enough points for anything worthwhile may seem like in insurmountable task. After a few weeks however it will dawn on you just how many points you earn as you collect your nectar points on a day to day basis.

Most people don't realise just how much they spend shopping, but with a Nectar card you see the benefits of what you spend with this fantastic points reward scheme.

After a month or two you will find that your Nectar Points account is brimming with points, this is where it gets fun. You can spend your nectar points on a myriad of things, whether you use them to lighten your weekly shopping load, or decide to brighten up your life with an adventure holiday. Spending points on Nectar cards is both fun and rewarding. Nectar cards give you something back for all the groceries, bills and tips you make .. redeeming Nectar points

Spending your nectar points really is the best part of the whole experience. You find yourself spending Nectar Points on trips, adventures and items you never would have thought of purchasing previously. These random excursions, gifts and holidays really add more colour to your life as you spend nectar cards on a whole range of freebies.

Amazon Logo Your change of lifestyle could follow many routes, a chilled out relaxing day in the spa, a thrilling ride on a roller coaster or a stunning trip to the Sahara all for doing your normal shopping. Nectar points do more than give you days out, you can spend your nectar points on a wide variety of things, from books to DVD's .. or even household furniture.

You will be surprised at the speed that your nectar points from your weekly shopping become your new dining room or a DVD collection to go with a new TV, all for free through your saved Nectar Points!