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Redeeming Nectar Points™

Nectar Points and Nectar Rewards Being only human it seems perfectly understandable that after working at something you should want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. So it is hardly surprising then that you want to learn more about the various methods to redeem your Nectar points.

Redeeming Your Nectar Points in Store

When you are in any of the outlets of the retail franchises which participate in those loyalty point scheme, all you need to do is give your card to the cashier whenever you are at the till.

You will then need to actually specify the total number of points that you wish to be used to settle the current value of the bill (of the items you have purchased).

If in doubt about how many points you actually have to your name and credit, the best thing to do is simply ask the cashier to tell you. Don't worry, they will be more than happy to tell you. Once you have confirmed the amount of points that you are comfortable having deducted from your account, then that amount will be debited from your card.

If the value of the items you have bought happens to exceed the value of the points you have used to settle the bill, then you can settle the shortfall either using cash or a credit/debit card as you see fit.

Redeeming Nectar Points Online

If you would rather make use of the internet to redeem your hard-earned Nectar points, then all you need to do is visit Nectar Website , and then browse through all of the listed retailers in order to find the particular retailer from whom, you wish to make a purchase, and spend the points with.

Click on the brand logo of the retailer you wish to use, and you will be automatically redirected to the website of the retailer in a new window with crucial difference if you were to do this normally. You can actually make use of your Nectar points now!

Choose the items that you wish to purchase, and, once you have finished your shopping spree, you will be taken to the shopping cart at the end of the website where you will see the value of the items purchased so far, in addition to the Nectar points you will earn.

From there, you will need to finalize the transaction by confirming either your credit/debit card details and/or paypal details.

Once the transaction has been concluded, you will receive official confirmation via email, to the email address that you registered with that particular retailer site. Please note that some free email providers (such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail) have automatic and overly sensitive spam detection filters and so you may find that this confirmation email is sent to your junk/spam folder than your inbox.

The email will confirm that the transaction has gone smoothly, and furthermore, it will also identify exactly when you will receive your reward.